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Dear Students,

Education is a continuous process of life, hence the ultimate aim of every education is the creation of a true human being. In the same way the ultimate aim of all the training is the development of an Individual. We aim towards the all round development of the student trainees and that’s our main goal. We try to bring out the latent talent and qualities that is within every student who come to us. This is actually a two-way process. The trainers put their experience and effort and the student trainees put their hard work and effort depending on their talent and capabilities; both these help to create an educative positive environment. Although not everything can refined and achieved if the trainees show great deal of disinterest, are incapable or ineligible, but the existing qualities can be guided into better directions for achieving the desired positive results.

The educative environment should be self-motivated and only then the commitment automatically generates within. What requires is the continuous positive thinking. Only if one dive deep shall he finds the pearl of success. Regular practice and implementation can yield better prospect after the training in grooming the talent. This can be achieved by implementing modern thought process for social good. Creativity and Innovation is universally respected and honoured.

As an institution we are committed towards providing full support for every hidden talent to blossom. For this we require support from the trainees, trainers and parents and also from the organization. All of us working for the common goal and in tandem shall indeed take us to that direction. Through this mutual understanding we shall be able to achieve the ultimate goal of education. I wish you all serious and rigorous training, be inquisitive, be progressive and give your 100% and always move towards your set goals. Confidence comes only through experience and creative opportunities. When you utilize your inner energy only then you start receiving the real worth of yourself. In fact, we believe in providing the society an individual with rich moral values and great intellect who could contribute towards formation of a great nation ahead.

Wishing you all a bright and prosperous future.

Dr. Sukhdev Sahu “Saras”

Kalindi College of Education, Raipur, CG

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Kalindi Groups of Institute
College Campus at Raipur, Kanker and Mahasamund


Kalindi College of Education Affiliated to Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur, Approved by NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education, Bhopal) and Recognized By Govt. of Chhattisgarh.


Kalindi Institute of Nursing Sciences Affiliated to Ayush Health and Science University, Raipur, Approved by INC, New Delhi and Recognized By CG DME.


Kalindi Academy of Nursing Sciences Affiliated to Ayush Health and Science University, Raipur, Approved by INC, New Delhi and Recognized By CG DME.

Estn. : 2009
Course : B.Ed.
Locaion : Raipur
Institute Name : Kalindi College of Education

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Estn. : 2010
Course : GNM
Locaion : Kanker
Institute Name : Kalindi Institute of Nursing Sciences

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Estn. : 2011
Course : GNM
Locaion : Mahasamund
Institute Name : Kalindi Academy of Nursing Sciences

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