Kalindi College of Education, Raipur

Code of Conduct

College Code of Conduct :

Every student of Kalindi B.Ed College Lalpur, shall have to abide by following rules,regulations and norms of the institution.

1. The conduct of the student should be in accordance to the decorum of the institution.

2. The students are strictly instructed that they should not indulge in any sort of religiously provocative demonstration/rallies, in taking drugs, in any antisocial, illegal and immoral activities.In case any such student is found involved then the student shall have to face disciplinary action which may include restrication from institution/heavy monetary fine/debarring from appearing in university examination or all of the above. This shall be done under the university code 7 act 13.

3. It shall be the moral and fundamental duty of every student to maintain cleanliness in the campus. Also they should treat the college property with utter care guard it against any kind of damage or destruction.

4. In case of damage to the property there shall be a common and collective fine for every student immaterial of involvement.

5. It is compulsory for every student to participate in every activity of the college.

6. 75% attendance is compulsory for all the students in their respective class according to the university rule. Any student who has less than 75% attendance shall not be allowed to sit in exam as regular student and in that case the student shall be solely responsible.

7. The Principal has full authority to strike out or expel the student is found indulging in i in disciplinary, absenteeism ,defaulter in fee payment of due to unsatisfactory behavior or indulging in ragging.

8. Identity Card is compulsory for every student while they are in the college campus. If a student is found without ID card for the first time he/she has to pay Rs 10/- and Rs 15/- for subsequent times.

9. In case of loss or damage to the Identity card Rs 50 has to be paid for a new card along with an affidavit. There can be a surprise check for the identity cards.

10. The vehicles that are kept at any other place other than the vehicle stand shall not be the responsibility of the college. In case of theft or damage of the vehicle the owner shall only be responsible.

11. The college has adequate number of fully equipped classrooms. If the students are found loitering around in the corridors or in the campus during teaching hours they shall have to face disciplinary action.

12. Attendance is compulsory for every subject. Separate attendance shall be taken for each subject. The same shall be done for practical classes also.

13. All the students of the institution shall have to compulsory wear the prescribed uniform of the college. Every Wednesday shall be civil dress code where the student can wear the dress of his/her choice. But only formal dressing is allowed.

14. Mobile Phones shall remain banned during Teaching hours.

15. Practice Teaching for both the Methods shall be carried out in the nearby higher secondary, middle and primary schools. For this the students shall have to bear the expenses of transportation.

16. The student has to pay the full fees during admission time in lump sum. There is provision of payment in two installments, although the date of the second installment shall be given by the Principal and only then it shall be permitted.

17. Rules, Regulations and the Syllabus are enclosed with the Prospectus. This also contains the format of the ID card which has to be duly filled and submitted at the office at the time of admission.

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Kalindi College of Education Affiliated to Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur, Approved by NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education, Bhopal) and Recognized By Govt. of Chhattisgarh.


Kalindi Institute of Nursing Sciences Affiliated to Ayush Health and Science University, Raipur, Approved by INC, New Delhi and Recognized By CG DME.


Kalindi Academy of Nursing Sciences Affiliated to Ayush Health and Science University, Raipur, Approved by INC, New Delhi and Recognized By CG DME.

Estn. : 2009
Course : B.Ed.
Locaion : Raipur
Institute Name : Kalindi College of Education

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Estn. : 2010
Course : GNM
Locaion : Kanker
Institute Name : Kalindi Institute of Nursing Sciences

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Estn. : 2011
Course : GNM
Locaion : Mahasamund
Institute Name : Kalindi Academy of Nursing Sciences

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